Easy to set up, cool
and Open-source music
plataform for stream


Music Streaming

System made for streaming your music in all the devices you want.

Multi-accounts System

System made for build a community around the local music.

Dynamic Search

The power of search in your library or in the librarys of your friends.

Encrypted accounts

All your information it is encrypted for your security and the security of your community.

Open Source

Music on Cloud it's a free project that allows you to share your music with your own community.

Made with love

Music on Cloud it's made by music lovers for music lovers.

Our Awesome Team.

We are students with a big love for the music,
Open-source and create ethical solutions

Azael Rodriguez

Designer and frontend developer.

Ernesto Ruiz

Backend Developer

Music On Cloud was created by Azael Rodriguez and Ernesto Ruiz released under MIT License.
It is currently maintained by the original team. Wanna help? Join us on GitLab!

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